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Our Vision

2013 年,憑著一股對學術研究的熱忱,一群海內外學生與社會新鮮人成立了「The Investigator Taiwan 臺灣生物科學研發策進社群」。這幾年社群持續成長,到現在成員超過百名,背景橫跨基礎研究、臨床、產業各領域。我們透過經營平台、生醫報導與活動交流、協助媒合學習對象等多元面向,為臺灣的生醫領域創造了許多正面價值。

我們已報導科學新知超過 800 篇,採訪產官學研前輩及學長姐逾百人,並持續舉辦各式交流活動,包含大師趨勢論壇、海外留學講座、生技青年產業交流會、臺灣生技社群交流、唐獎週協助等。歡迎有志於留學、研究與職涯發展的生醫人關注我們社群的動態,也歡迎有相同願景的生醫人加入我們行列,一起營造與展望生醫新世紀。

The Investigator Taiwan was founded in 2013 by a group of students and fresh graduates with enthusiasm for scientific research. Over the past few years, we have expanded into a stronger community of 150+ members worldwide, with academic backgrounds ranging from basic research, clinical works to versatile fields in the industry. The Investigator Taiwan strives to run community networks, provide press in biomedical research, hold activities and promote connections, hence positively supporting the biomedical field in Taiwan and around the globe.

We have published 800+ research presses in Mandarin and have interviewed 100+ alumni and professionals. Through constantly holding professional forums, experience sharing talks and meetups, we attempt to reinforce the cohesiveness within the community. In addition, we also collaborate with Tang Prize foundation and support the biannual Tang Prize Week.

If you have a similar vision, please do not hesitate to contact us. We always welcome new talents joining to create a new era for the biomedical community.

The Investigator Taiwan thanks the support from two foundations: Biochemical Technology education Foundation (led by Academician Dr. Andrew H.-J. Wang) and Dr. Tsungming Tu Foundation (led by Dr. Charles Tu, Distinguished Professor of electrical and computer engineering at the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering).

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